Glam It Up in Montreal

Avon put an incentive on at the start of 2017, for the top leaders who were on a Cruise together, which was another incentive. We were challenged to become Million Dollar Teams. If we achieved it, we were going to be treated to an Audrey Hepburn’esque long weekend in Montreal, with all the bells and whistles, along with a shopping spree to Tiffany & Co. I was all in!! At the end of 2017 only 2 of us in the entire nation achieved this goal, but the other leader could not attend, so I had the whole weekend to myself…which was pretty sweet!


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The experience I had in Montreal was truly epic. I believe a hallmark of recognition with Avon is being treated like royalty, as I have experienced many trips over the years and this one stepped it up another notch, as it were. I have never really been to Montreal other than to Head Office, conference and a soccer tournament for my son, so it really was a cultural experience for me.

The Loews hotel was gorgeous and the meals gourmet. Dinner at the Ritz Carlton Maison Boulud was exceptional. Experiencing a level of shops with glitz that I would never have normally gone into was a blast. I will never forget my trip to Tiffany & Co, seeing all the gorgeous jewellery, the photo of Audrey Hepburn and being able to select a necklace I will cherish always. The memory of walking out with my Tiffany blue bag makes me smile as I think back!

I must say, the most fun part of the trip was getting my hair and make up done. The salon was bustling, the energy was high and I simply loved what he did with my hair! I was made to feel very special there, and it was a unique experience for me as my own daughter is a hairstylist but being looked after by such a seasoned and interesting character of a stylist as Mirko, was outstanding. The make up session with Joffery was truly a highlight, because I have never had my make up done by a professional before. Sitting there chit chatting, joking and laughing as Mario took photos was such fun. I laughed so much and really really loved every minute of it, even if I had to adjust to my bright red lips!

I will say that I was given such grandiose treatment in so many ways. Although I have been to some epic destinations with Avon, essentially traveling the world, this will always be one of the incentive highlights of my Avon career.

If you would like to have experiences like this. Achieve incentives that include travel, prizes, gifts and of course cash bonuses, please reach out to me. I lead one of the top teams in Canada and I am always looking for others who have an entrepreneurial spirit and want to achieve great things with their own Avon business. I would love to mentor you to success!

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