The Rental Fee of Success

I love the work that I do.  Having a home based business has changed my life and the life of my family.  It has not only changed the financial landscape of our home, it has given me experiences I would never even have imagined.  I have traveled to some of the most amazing destinations in the world without it ever costing me a single dollar.  Rome, Barcelona, Prague, to name only a few.  My business has been a huge blessing and the rewards have been countless, but it has not been without challenges along the way.

Sometimes people will imply that it has been easy for me to become successful in this industry.  It is almost like they resent the fact that I have reached a level of success, that has thus far eluded them.  Do not be deceived.  Every successful entrepreneur has paid their dues in time, effort, financial investment and a plethora of sacrifices and failures along the way.

success is never owned

I saw this phrase and it struck a cord with me.  One cannot reach a level of success, then simply kick back and expect the momentum to keep going.  If you slow down, the business slows down.  Do you make your own hours, set your own schedule, create your own job description?  Yes, but a business is like a living organism.  It needs to be fed, cared for, respected.  You have more flexibility than if you worked for someone else, but the responsibility to your business, your team, your family and yourself, continues to drive a true entrepreneur.

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