Gel Nail Polish

Gel New

Avon Gel Finish 7 in 1 Nail Enamel has high performance and shine.  It has a gel-like finish, vivid colour, is a base coat, a protector and a strengthener.  Avon is launching 8 new trendy colours to go along with their already existing line of 16, plus a brand new Gel Finish Topcoat making 25 options available to you.  The possibilities are endless, bound only by your own creativity!

Gel Polish

I have  loved this enamel since it was first launched, but I am really excited about these new summery colours.  The names are hilarious and you cannot help but smile when you read them.   I tried the Orange You Crazy and used Teal Me About It for an accent nail.

Gel Finish New

Contact me to purchase yours or if you would like to get your products at a discount or start your own home based business, contact me and I would love to have you join our Top 10 Team in Canada that spreads from coast to coast.  Visit

polish wheels

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