All Primed Up!

Many women neglect to use eye shadow primer and yet it can be one of the best tools in your beauty arsenal. A good primer can be applied in only a couple of minutes but the effects will last for hours.  Eye shadow primer is designed to hold your shadow in place, prevent creasing, help make colours pop, keep from fading and give long last endurance that will get you from morning til night.  For the days you want to go shadowless, you can still utilize your primer which helps keep down oiliness. even outs skin tone and discolourations on your lip and under the eye.


There are countless brands out there that can range from a few dollars to over twenty dollars but the price is not always the best dictator of performance.  Avon has an eye shadow primer that is Lightweight and purse-friendly.  This primer creates a seamless canvas for a smooth, even finish that looks fresh and just-applied all day!  Regularily only $8 it goes on sale frequently for only $4.99 for the 3.5g pot.

Whether you favour powder eye shadows or potted creams in whatever finish you like, matte, satin or frost – a good primer is the place to start.

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