Exfoliate Your Lips

lip (4)Women often remember to exfoliate the skin on their face or body but forget about their lips.  Lips need to shed their dead cells like the rest of our skin, but care has to be taken because the skin on our lips is thinner.   We need to moisturize our lips as well because they do not have sebaceous glands like skin in other areas, which naturally self moisturizes.  Good lip care can make you look and feel more fresh but also help the appearance and staying power of your lipstick.

Try this inexpensive DIY method of exfoliating your lips and pucker up!


How Sweet It Is!  


Sugar is a wonderful way to exfoliate your lips.  You can pair it with honey, olive oil or coconut oil which can be found in most kitchens.   Simply spread a thin layer of the honey or oil onto your lips then dip your finger into some sugar.  Gently rub the sugar onto your lips for about 10-20 seconds.   Rinse off and then follow up with an Avon Moisture Therapy Lip Balm or Avon’s Lip Conditioner.  Your lips will feel refreshed and smooth, all ready to wear your favourite lip colour and perhaps Avon’s Brand New Perfect Matte lipstick!


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